DEXIS Digital Radiography

The DEXIS PerfectSize™ sensor lets you take vertical AND horizontal bitewings and all periapicals with a single sensor. Beveled corners, a slim profile, and a rounded casing allow precise sensor placement in the patient’s mouth while assuring optimal patient comfort.

Designed with the clinician in mind, the DEXIS imaging software provides crisp, detailed image quality along with increased diagnostic capabilities through image enhancement tools such as ClearVU™. Its smart button “One-Click Full-Mouth Series” makes it possible to reduce a 25-minute FMX procedure to 5 minutes from start to fin

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No more film, chemicals, or disposal fees
  • Instant images allow significant time saving
  • Reduced exposure to radiation 90% less then traditional film xrays
  • Shorter appointments
  • Involved in co-diagnosis
  • Better understanding of treatment